Our sources

Base your beverages on natural mineral water of the highest quality.

Our sources

Water as old as time

Our four sources are found in the Bastrup sand layer, which was deposited by a large river system 15-20 million years ago. Our water has been purified and infused with minerals during its thousand-year trickle to our aquifers, the first of which is found at a depth of 117 metres. 


We are currently exploiting only one of our four water sources - the Nornir source. Water from Nornir is more than 1000 years old and is classified as natural mineral water. Its consistently low sodium/chloride content makes it a ‘soft’ natural mineral water.

Natural mineral water

Only water from specific, named sources with no microorganisms or pollution may be called ‘natural mineral water’. Furthermore, the water must be bottled directly at the source, with consistent mineral content levels and a constant temperature.